Since the beginning of our church in 2016, we have desired to be people of prayer. In every situation, whether good or bad, we try to pray before we act. Many times people act first and then want God to bail them out of that situation, but prayer should be our first response, not our last resort.

Prayer changes everything!

Pastor Marc


We don’t have to follow a specific formula to talk with God, but practicing different ways to pray can help us find deeper purpose and connection to Him through our prayer time.

This guide is designed to give you several prayer models. You don’t have to master all of them at once; you can select a different prayer model each day and spend time working through it at your own pace. You can go in any order you want, and you can even spend a few days on the same model as you become more comfortable with it.

To get started, choose which model (below) you want to use today in prayer. As you pray, focus on the process the model reveals, giving yourself time to pray intentionally. If your mind wanders, use the model to restore your focus.


  • Monday: Pray for those far from God

  • Tuesday: Pray for all affected by the shutdown

  • Wednesday: Pray for single parents

  • Thursday: Pray for the persecuted church around the world

  • Friday: Pray for those struggling with addiction

  • Saturday: Pray for all who serve our little ones at church

  • Sunday: Pray for God to move