Three challenges in building a team

In our context team building is crucial, but it's also voluntary. We aren't building a team of staff members or employees. We're asking people to join us in planting a church. However, many of the challenges we're facing repeat themselves in any context of team building.

Challenge 1 getting everyone behind the vision

You get the vision. Does your team? It took us a few months to get our team behind the vision. I once heard it said, "when you're tired of stating the vision, your team is just about to get it." This is so true. Often people have their own vision of your business, goals, team or church. As leaders we have to spend time crafting and casting the vision we want people to catch.

Challenge 2 putting the right people in the right places

Our church plant team consists of 30 young adults. There's no shortage of passion and excitement. Before we launch in 2016, we have to get the right people in the right places. Some are gifted in the arts (music, drama, design). Others are just natural conversationalists. We all have ideas about who goes where, but it's often surprising who ends up being the best fit for different roles. Here's a tip I learned early: Give away roles, not titles. Once someone has a title like "project manager" or "service coordinator" they assume that's their position forever. You'll be kicking yourself when someone more gifted and inclined to that position shows up 6-18 months into the launch of your business, church or organization. Here's how I phrase it: "________ will serve as our service project coordinator starting out. We are so thankful for _______'s willingness to serve in this capacity during this season."

Challenge 3 maintaining momentum and vision

Everyone is excited about launching. The weeks following are key to a successful launch. Regardless of what you're launching, if you can't maintain momentum and vision after the excitement wears off, you're in trouble. In our context (church planting), we focus on momentum builders throughout the year. For instance we push big events or service projects. Find something for people to get excited about and space them throughout the year. Make sure those events fall in line with your vision. Momentum is hard to get and easy to lose, but vision can help you decide which kind of momentum you want. Busyness for busy's sake isn't momentum. 


Hey if you're a Christian, consider praying for us as we launch a new church in the next 100 days.