This Week at Restore Kidz


So yesterday at Restore we had an amazing Kids Launch where everyone involved had a blast. Lets take a look at what we learned in Kidz Worship before we recap the Launch. 

We continued our study on Leadership and finished with our final lesson of the month. Our Big Idea this week was epic and not only related to the kids struggles but to parents struggles as well. 

We have all followed good leaders as well as not so good leaders. One of the key things to a Good Leader is their humility. Our lesson came from Luke 18:9-14 and compared two leaders of that day. One of the leaders was Pharisee or religious leader and the other leaders was tax collector. How fitting that we see both their humility in prayer. The Pharisee praying and thanking God that he was not a despicable person like the tax collector while the tax collector prayed and asked God to forgive him of his own sins and shot comings. 

I encourage you to take time to read through this passage with your kids and refresh their memories on the lesson. While their attention was great, I can't blame them for being a little preoccupied this week! Besides, this is a lesson that adults and kids need to be reminded of often. 

Each of our volunteers had a blast hanging out with your kids and the costumes were incredible. From patriotic, to secret service, to superhero, I loved the time and effort put into each of the costumes. If I were to pick a personal favorite it would be the "Odd Squad" who showed up with every detail of their costume together, including the ear pieces. 

Thanks to all of the parents for getting up earlier to get your kids ready for our Kidz Launch!

Thanks to all of our Kids Workers for teaching kids this Sunday  and to all of our help who helped make our "Hall of Candy" a success. 

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you again Sunday!

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you again Sunday!