This Week at Restore Kidz

What a stinking awesome day we had in Kidz Worship yesterday. I love the new room the youth are able to meet in at Restore. Everyone loves being able to see the lyrics to the songs and watch our videos on the Big Screen, not to mention the folding, stadium seats. Thanks to each of you and all of our volunteers for making Kidz Worship possible on Sundays!

We continued our study of Spiritual Warfare this week and we used Jesus as our example. Seriously! A lot of times you will ask a kid what they learned about and they will say, "Jesus" and if that happened to you, then it was true. We used the Bible passage (Matthew 4:1-11) telling about Jesus fasting for 40 days and being tempted by Satan. Our teacher talked to the kids about how hard it is to make right choices when we are surrounded by bad influences. Thankfully Jesus set the perfect example for each of us to follow. Take time to read this passage with your kids and talk about life struggles that each of us face.

As you talk about Jesus being tempted by Satan please make note of how Jesus responded. He didn't do wrong and then say "the devil made me do it" rather He quoted the Bible every time He was tempted. Discuss with your kids the importance of learning scripture and take time to go over our memory verse for this month. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this is a time you get to spend with family and friends and even get some much needed and deserved rest. We will see you and your kids this Sunday at 10:30 at 206 High St!