This Week at Restore Kidz

I should never do this, but I gotta admit that I wasn't very enthusiastic about our Junior Church starting yesterday. We like to have things ready when kids walk in but Sunday was just one of those days that nothing wanted to work. It actually became comical as we continued with our lesson time and I will explain further as I introduce our new Element for the month of November.

Our Element that we will study the entire month of November is Spiritual Warfare. There are some lessons that are difficult to relate to a kid in a way they will understand but Sunday worked out for us. We base a lot of our lesson on visuals displayed on the large screen in the theater room. However, since the projector would not work yesterday it had myself and our Kids Volunteers a little on edge to say the least. As I was starting the lesson knowing that we were going to have to improvise a lot, I just realized that what we were facing could be described as a small taste of "Spiritual Warfare". 

These struggles really hit me hard but I sat down and asked the kids, "what are some things you do when you are mad or angry"? I got a lot of interesting answers and even some funny ones (I love where kids minds go when answering questions in front of their friends). I had to admit that a lot of the answers that were given are exactly how I react when I am mad or angry but that doesn't mean it is the best. I could go on and on with how we related this to your kids and our volunteers but here is what I want to remind parents of:

Spiritual Warfare is real. It really is. Those days you get up and our kids are not moving as quickly as we need them to. We burn their breakfast or they spill their milk in the car on the way to drop them off at school. We are late for work for reasons beyond our control and it often affects the rest of my (our) days. There is nothing that impacts a Christian testimony more than their actions. As parents we are being watched literally 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Parenting is not for the weak. If I could ever encourage you of anything it is during these times that kids are watching us to try our best to make a decision to pray. Our co-workers and neighbors and friends need to know Christ. And let's face it, no matter how frustrating our days are, we have a Hope that many do not have.

Above is the Podcast with a short reminder of what we learned during Restore Kidz yesterday. I hope you will take the time to listen to this in the car or while preparing dinner and help review with your kids what they learned. 

Restore Church wants to be an integral part in helping with resources to raise your kids. If there is ever anything we can do please don't hesitate to ask. We would also love to see all parents join a small group where you can encouraged and challenged during the week. 

Have a great week!