What do we do when our candidate loses?

No matter who won last night many woke up this morning feeling as though they'd lost. I never promote a candidate or party. I also haven't voted for a major party Presidential candidate in many years. So I'm well accustomed to waking up the day after an election to find that "my candidate" didn't win. And yet, every election I determine that my duties toward these newly elected officials are the same: I will pray for them. I will honor them. I will respect them. (Romans 13:1-7)

I knew months ago that today we'd be dealing with a President-elect that many of us didn't like (Trump and Clinton have some of the lowest likability numbers ever polled). Regardless of who we like, we have a Christian duty to respect our elected leaders (on every level). I can honestly say that I've prayed for, honored and respected President Obama. I will do the same for President-elect Trump. Do I have serious disagreements with their policies and/or behavior? Sure. Does that negate my responsibility as a believer? No.

This morning I have two choices. I can trust God with these results and do my best to be a good citizen. I can also allow worry, fear and doubt to cloud my mind. I can wonder how God would let this happen. I can wallow in my disbelief of what I'm seeing. One of these options requires faith. I choose faith, not doubt.

Here's where I find my comfort:

The kingdom of Jesus is so much bigger than America.

Four years isn't much when compared to the 2,000 plus years the church has been on the move.

God isn't worried one bit.


-Pastor Marc