Fearless and Thoughtful

Last Sunday we talked about Mary (Jesus' mother). We looked specifically at the phrase "she kept these things in her heart" in Luke 2:19. Mary was a lady with a lot to ponder, but nobody to relate to. Who else could relate to raising a child who was capable of walking on water, weather control and even resurrection? But she was thoughtful. Later as Jesus is about to begin His ministry, we find Mary celebrating at a wedding party in Cana. Jesus is there with the whole crew as well. She is thoughtful in a way we might glance over at first. The family throwing the party is about to run out of wine. That's super embarrassing. Apparently this family doesn't have the resources to fix the problem. Mary is thoughtful. She wants to save them from embarrassment. She is also limited in resources. She can't do anything about it. So she tells Jesus. She did what she could to make a difference.

Sunday we summed it up this way:

Thoughtfulness should lead us to an acute awareness of the needs around us. It should also drive us toward specific action steps, large or small, to address those needs.

There is a problem though. Most of us are too busy with everyday life to see the need, much less address it. In order to be thoughtful in such a way that leads to action we must determine to make time for 3 specific solutions.

REST: not laziness, but rest which leads to evaluation and awareness which leads to...

THOUGTFULNESS- not contemplating our desires and needs, but instead the needs of others in such a way that it leads us to specific...

ACTION- what can I do today? What can we do as a church?

This has led us as a church to peanut butter sundae on May 22. The Foodbank of Southeastern VA has a list of target items. Peanut butter is always at the top of that list. It's a protein that can be stored on the shelf. This Sunday we are asking everyone to bring a jar of unopened peanut butter to donate to the food bank. We can't solve hunger in Hampton Roads, but we can make a difference by taking action this Sunday. After the service Sunday, we'll celebrate with ice cream sundaes (thus the name peanut butter sundae). 

What can you do to create margin in your life for rest that leads to thoughtfulness that leads to action?


Pastor Marc


p.s. here's the video of Sunday's message