Fearless & generous

Last weekend we looked at the life of Tabitha in Acts 9. She was a lady known for her generosity in the community of Joppa. She doesn't appear to have been a wealthy woman. She did, however, use her life in a generous manner. She seemed to look after widows primarily by sewing and making them tunics (clothes) to wear. We need to understand that it takes real courage to be generous, when the world tells us to look out for ourselves. It's scary being generous (with time, treasure or talent) when we don't know what the next year holds for us. 

When Tabitha died her community seemed to refuse her death. They couldn't accept that she was gone. They called for Peter to come fix this. Here was my question for our church and you (the reader): when your life is over, will your community notice?

Here are 3 questions we need to answer honestly:

What will be said about me when I'm gone?

What would I want to be said about me when I'm gone?

What is my action step right now to change what will be said about me to what I would like to be said about me?


I hope you understand this was never about Tabitha. The last verse in that little story records that the fame and honor of Jesus name went throughout the region. It's all about Jesus. Do my actions, my generosity, my life point people to Jesus? Or am I just a pretty good person with decent actions to back it up? Radical generosity always makes waves...


-Pastor Marc

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