Four Ways to "Love Your Neighbor As Yourself."

We sure love to quote Luke 10:27, but do we know how to really love our neighbors as ourselves? Here's where we need to start.



Typically when referring to our neighbors we often only think of those living directly next to us. Though this is true, Jesus taught us in Luke 10 that we should treat all people as our neighbors regardless of age or ethnicity. We are taught to love ALL people.

I Love Me Some Me

Have you ever caught yourself saying this? Probably not, but most likely you've caught yourself thinking this. Maybe you've caught yourself thinking, "I'll love my neighbor, but not as much as I love myself." We have to rid ourselves of that kind of thinking and we have to start believing that we love our neighbor as much as we love ourselves, just as Jesus taught us to. We have to say, "I love me some people."

Help your neighbor

This is where we do look to help those that live next to us. Well why can't we help ALL people? We should strive to reach out to as many people as possible, but we simply can't reach all seven billion people alive today on our own. Our goal is to hone in on our community where we live. The reason being is we can affect our community greater where we live, rather than what we can do for a neighborhood on the other side of the globe. We can do this because we can see their physical needs day in and day out. Be intentional. Look for ways you can help them.

Pray for your neighbor

Although it is good to pray for ourselves and for our needs, as Paul writes in Phillipians 4:6-7, we likely tend to ONLY pray for ourselves. Remember your neighbor in your prayers. Pray for your next door neighbor, pray the people in your city, in your state, in your country, and in this world.