Restore Kidz Update

With the "Blizzard of 2017" it seems like forever since we have gotten to hang out with your awesome kids! Just want to give a quick update of what Mr. Caleb started teaching on January 1 so your kids will be ready when they return this Sunday.

Mr. Caleb did a fantastic job of introducing this new Element in Kids Worship. He took time to share how everything we do can be a form of worship to our God. Whether the kids are attending school, hanging out at home or even playing sports they can still honor and glorify God.

How often, as parents, do we teach our kids through our actions that other things come before God? Over the past days of school cancellation we have spent a lot of time together as a family. We have played in the snow, watched movies, played board games and video games, as well as  watched the College Football National Championship (what a game). Though all of this extra time together I wonder what my kids have learned about Worship. We, the parents, are the ultimate teachers of what it means to Worship God.  

I think you will get a kick out of going through this memory verse with your kiddos. They made up motions to go with the words to help them learn God's this verse. In order to help your kids be more prepared for this Sunday will you take time to review this verse with them? Maybe even try to learn it with them.

This Podcast is created by the writer of our curriculum directed to parents. This Podcast is made so we, the parents, can be un to date with what our kids are learning in Kidz Worship.

Praying for all of the parents as we teach our kids about Worship thorugh our daily living. 

Praying for all of the parents as we teach our kids about Worship thorugh our daily living.