Restore Kidz Update

I snapped this picture while some of our Volunteers Kids helped set up for Kids Worship during the first service. I love being a part of such an awesome group of Christ Followers.

I know parenting is crazy busy and brings lots of struggles but I would like to challenge you to take an opportunity this week to teach your kids about Grace. Do something special for your kids (give them ice cream; let them stay up 10 minutes late; etc.) and tell them that you are showing them Grace by giving them something they didn't earn and therefore don't deserve. This will go a long way in teaching what God's Grace to us looks like.

This past Sunday, several of your kids recited this Bible verse from memory. We even had a 5 year old say the verse. Please take time to learn this verse with your kids and more importantly to discuss its meaning.

Mr. Caleb taught in Kids Worship this Sunday about the importance of growing up. He used several illustrations to reference how things grow. Everything must grow (plants, animals and humans) in order to survive life. The same is true for Christians. If we don't grow in God's Grace we will eventually fall away because of our lack of spiritual maturity. 

I pray that we are parents who are growing in God's Grace and teaching our kids how to do the same. 

Have a great week!

Have a great week!