Grand Opening: what really happened?


Warning: this is a data nerd post. If you like numbers and details read on.

Restore you did a tremendous job yesterday. We had record attendance and record decisions for Jesus. This morning I went through all the connect cards to pull some data. I want you to see how God used your invites and our resources to reach people last weekend. It's always good to see where our resources are best allocated.

Let's dive in.

We had 102 guests complete a connect card. (Here's a pic of our connect card)

We always want to see how guests heard about our church. Not every guest indicates how they heard, but many do. Here's the data:

35 guests were invited by a friend (8 trusted Jesus)

29 guests received a postcard (4 trusted Jesus)

13 guests saw something on Facebook (3 trusted Jesus)

11 guests saw a billboard, yard sign or banner (1 trusted Jesus).

Do you see it? The best (and cheapest) method to reach people is by simply inviting someone. God used friends and family to change lives Sunday.

The story behind the data:

I received a Facebook message from one of our worship team members. They told me how nervous they were because they'd just invited a long time friend to come with them to grand opening. I met their friend Sunday. This morning i had the privilege of letting our worship team member know their bestie indicated on the connect card they'd trusted Jesus. You never know how God could use a simple invite. 

It doesn't end here. This is just the beginning. We are surrounded by opportunities. Start planting seeds now. Easter is ~60 days away. Who are you inviting?

-Pastor Marc