Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!  Latrilla here, I want to share some things with you.  With the New Year upon us, it tends to give us opportunities to create or reevaluate goals, intentions and habits to become a better person throughout the year.  I want to keep you informed about volunteer opportunities and just what serving our city is all about.

What we have coming up this month is the flannel shirt drive.  We are collecting flannel shirts to be given to Portsmouth Volunteers for the Homeless (PVH) to be distributed to their guest during these winter months.  

I enjoy looking for volunteer opportunities within our lovely city
.  Why you may ask?  As a church, it allows us to link with other organizations, businesses and individuals to demonstrate the hands, feet and heart of Christ (Matt. 4.23).  As an individual, it lets me be used by God so He can extend His reach to those who may be marginalized or less fortunate (homeless, hungry, uneducated, unemployed, addicted, abused).  In doing so, I am changed to be more compassionate and loving to those I may not generally see or talk with every day.  

This year, we are going to make a big difference together in our community together as a church. My question is:

How can God use you in 2019 to love people, make a difference and change lives?

Peace and love,