Our mission is simple:

Reach people where they are with the gospel

We will use contemporary methods to reach people with the traditional message of Jesus Christ. Our goal at Restore is to do all we can to reach people far from God. We'll use any and every means available reach people where they are, while honoring Jesus in our methods. Restore's mission is to reach many for Jesus.

Restore purpose through the gospel

We believe that every person has meaning and purpose. Our lives aren't random or coincidental. God has gifted and purposed each of us with a unique calling. We were meant to do more than exist. We've been called to live life on purpose. Our goal is to help every believer find what it is God's calling them to do with this life they've been given.

Reproduce believers that SHARE the gospel

The ultimate goal is to reproduce ourselves as believers, and as a church. We desire to plant a church that baptizes new believers who reach many. We hope to reproduce leaders from within who challenge the next generation to follow Jesus passionately. Restore Church will plant more churches with this mission embedded in their DNA.