The Gospel Coalition

This channel has numerous series that focus on understanding God and His Word. Here are some of our favorite series. They have series for parents, leaders, doubters, seekers and new believers. It’s a great channel and worth a subscribe.

Desiring god

John Piper pastored in Minneapolis for decades. The Desiring God channel focuses on theology, growth, spiritual disciplines and more. This is a deep look at scripture and faith. The series linked here focuses on dealing with unbelief. For more series and videos click the link and navigate to their channel page.

the skit guys

Using humor, Tommy and Eddie give a very creative look at a typical believer having to go through the process of discipline. Their videos are funny, clean and typically point us to something specific God has said or desires for us. Some of their videos are purely for laughs, but the majority of their popular skits are great illustrations of truth.

one minute apologist

Short videos dealing with deep questions. One minute apologist answers the questions we often ask: is Jesus the only way? Why do I doubt? Can faith work with science? How do we know the Bible is true? The series linked covers some big topics and is worth a subscribe on their channel.

The Bible Project

Using animation, this channel helps us understand complicated truths in a very straightforward and practical ways. It proves that learning the Bible does not have to be intimidating or confusing. So if you any have questions regarding the biblical narrative and themes check out this channel, you will not regret it.


The Verge Network

The Verge channel has great interviews and lectures on what it looks like to follow Jesus passionately in the modern world. We’ve linked a series here with Francis Chan, a leading Christian author and speaker. This series is powerful and convicting. What if we began following Jesus as passionately as the early church?