Restore Kidz Update

It is just so good to be in church!

Restore kids started the month of october with some exciting things happening. Our new element for the month is prayer - a conversation with god. have you ever heard your kid pray? what sweet voices and true faith in god when you hear a child pray to him.


the big idea for this week was god hears and answers our prayers. We learned god answers our prayers with a yes, no or wait. please listen to podcast below explaining more of what we learned in restore kids.


our verse for this month is Philippians 4:6. the bible teaches us to pray to god with all our request. also, it speaks about how to pray.


Kids Fest is October 19 from 5:00-7:00 at the church. If you or someone you know are available to help with this event, please take a moment to sign up on the Serve App. If you have not downloaded the App yet, you can do that here.

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Check out the following resources for parents and kids.