Setting Spiritual Goals

Setting Spiritual Goals

It's always good to set goals whatever our circumstances may be, but what does it look like to set spiritual goals?

Why set spiritual goals?

We should set spiritual goals for ourselves much like we set goals for our everyday lives. Setting goals gives us a chance to look at who we would like to become as a Christian. As a Christian the goal is to grow in our faith and understanding as followers of Christ. Setting spiritual goals and reaching them allows us to look back on who we were, to what we have become in Christ. 

Here are some spiritual goals to start with:

  • Read a book of the Bible
  • See family come to Christ
  • See prayers answered
  • Memorize verses
  • Discover spiritual gifts

here are some other ways to start Spiritual Growth in your life:

  • Read the Bible
  • Obey the Bible
  • Active prayer life
  • Invite others to Church
  • Fasting
  • Give your talents, treasures, and time


Here's a video of Pastor Marc's message on Spiritual Growth and setting Spiritual Goals.